How to Book


Fast Boat is recently the fastest transportation that can be taken with short travel time from Bali – Gilis – Lombok. This website provides an easy way to book fast boat tickets with comfortable and reliable payment systems.

Online Booking

Online bookings can be made through this website, on the homepage in the top left, there is a form to define routes and departure date as you desired.

Fast boat Booking Form



After determining the routes and dates, then press the Book Now button to start searching list of available boats on that date.

Select Boat


One moment list of available boats is appearing, you can choose a route based on price or schedule time. Prices could change any time according to the dates. Information about technical problems and certain holidays will appear on this page. So you don’t have to worry about uncertainty or availability of the boats.

If you have selected the route or the boat, the next step is to press the Continue button that located at the top right and bottom right of the page.

Contact and Passenger Form


On the next page, you can fill basic passenger information that required by the boat operator. Some fields are optional, you either may fill or left it empty.

Boat Services


At the bottom of the page, you can choose some services (if available). Services can be a pick-up in a hotel or any areas (determined) and can be a drop-off in any areas (determined). Some services will be charged if destination area is too far.

If you feel you have filled required fields, the last step is to press Complete your Bookings button.

Process booking


It takes a few seconds for the system to process your booking, so you may relax and take a little patience.

Payment Options


To make your payments easy, we provide several options. Most of the people choose PayPal to complete the payments, it’s really safe.

Manual Booking

If you find it difficult to make online reservation and payments, bookings can still be made manually by contacting us directly.